Sunday, August 24, 2008

Suffering for my Art.

For I am a petite young lady from Dublin who is often accused of living in an illusion. I stand by this quote when I feel others are trying to suppress me with their negative comments. “The World lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and those who take the risk of living their dreams - each according to his or her own talent". Paulo Cohelo.

“I will remain patient as it’s only just a matter of time for me to shine”. Sarah Mulligan. July 2008. Therefore I stay away from negative individuals. Anyone who has hurt me emotionally in the past will find that I have disconnected from his or her company. I believe in forgiveness but there’s only so many times you can rub salt into the wound. If you hurt me once it’s your fault if you hurt me twice it’s my fault. Love should not be pain. I was once lost but now I’m found. I’m trying to make my way in life, For I like most performers; I strive for recognition through many forms of art. For all the wonderful souls in my life who stand by my dream. I shall show all my wonderful sense of gratefulness when I have accomplished success. My turbulent heart breaking past has made me who I am today a gentle, loyal, peaceful, loving, trustworthy, hardworking individual who yearns for self-expression.A creature who lives on this planet having "No regrets".

Molly Munroe (Sarah Mulligan) Irish Actor, Singer and Writer.Ms Munroe studied in three different Collages throughout Ireland, she has a City & Guilds Diploma in TV/Film Production and is a full member of the Actor’s Union.

The first film Molly Munroe ever wrote & directed was a student film called, "Granny Basher", which can be seen on U Tube. Molly made this film, as she wanted people to realise that elderly abuse is a serious topic in Ireland to this day & it that must be highlighted in the media on a frequent basis.

Molly has appeared on the Podge and Rodge Show twice as a bikini babe. As the glamorous waitress in Mike's restaurant in Fair City for the past six years. Molly's in the hope that the scriptwriter's will develop her character quickly before she jets off in the hope of pursuing her dreams. In the mean time she sings nation-wide in a band called the,"Outsiders". Having landed a part in an Irish Film,"Meeting of the Souls". Molly is a busy young lady on a wonderful journey to success with faith by her side.

Darragh Doyle has praised her for her individual creative ability.

Please check out her interview:

To hear Molly Munroe's Voice:
A young woman who’s not afraid of hard work a real natural passionate all round performer.

Bebo: sarahmulligan10
Facebook: Sarah Mulligan, Dublin, Ireland.
Myspace: Sarah Mulligan

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